Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sweet cashew ricotta

I have been eying nut cheeses for a while, but only just made the plunge this week. What has keep me from making them, you ask? Mostly the soaking overnight. I am just not that organized.

But lately my time has opened up in the morning and I find myself at home with a half hour to kill, all to myself. As a result, I am exploring breakfast options. I mean, breakfast, alone, in my own kitchen. I never thought I'd see the day (those with children understand). And this sweet lemony 'cheese' is just perfect for topping toast. Add a nice warm mug of tea and you have the best breakfast ever (besides pancakes). I found this recipe at the Tolerant Vegan. Check her site out - it is full of great recipes.


Other new morning rituals include lunch making. At first I had trouble getting into the swing of this routine and considered buying the school lunch on offer. But American cheese and chocolate milk (and by the way - why does the DOE offer peanut butter when so many kids are allergic??)?? I don't think so.

So, I began to make my own. It really isn't all that hard once you have a plan: protein and grain in large compartment, veggie and fruit in the smaller ones.

roasted turkey and muenster cheese on whole wheat hearts. grape tomatoes. peach slices.
almond butter and honey on whole wheat puzzle pieces. blackberries. yellow pepper.


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  2. I've definitely wanted to get into the world of nut cheeses and this might be my gateway "drug"!!