Monday, September 30, 2013

apple spice cake with chocolate chunks {chocolate party}

Inspired by the Chocolate Party, but a little late I'm afraid, I made this wonderfully moist apple spice cake and added chocolate chunks (how else was I supposed to us up all those chocolate bars my son brought home from school the other day to sell?) which would have been a great idea (everything is better with chocolate chunks added. Am I right?) had the chunks not settled to the bottom of the pan and swiftly adhered themselves, never to be rended from the Pyrex again (which didn't stop me from  scraping bits of them off to nibble on - burnt chocolate is darn good).

I used yogurt in place of cream cheese and plain milk in place of buttermilk. The cake was still great - we ate it in no time flat.

Do you have any fun apple recipes to share? I am in need after our apple picking extravaganza.


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  1. You may be late to the official Chocolate Party, but in my opinion, the chocolate party never ends! This cake sounds fabulous.

    I love putting apple slices in grilled cheese!