Thursday, March 7, 2013


walnut pesto

It has been pointed out to me that raw garlic once a day may save my life... given that information, I'd be a fool not to try it.

I started with a whole clove chewed straight. Not fun.

I thought about ways to soften the sharp spicy little morsels. I tried toast with fake butter and pressed garlic. That works - you get garlic bread. I mixed pressed garlic into brown rice (not bad) and added to my regular tomato sauce (also very nice). And then it came to (not sure why it took so long): PESTO.

I love pesto, I could eat it all the time every minute of my waking life (not really) and it is chock-a-block full of raw garlic.

arugula pesto

There are so many ways to make it that you always have the ingredients on hand. All you need is:

garlic (of course)
olive oil (I forgot to add this to the original list - sorry)
some leafy green (optional - walnut pesto has none)
some kind of nut
some kind of hard cheese (very optional - I never use it)

Process all ingredients to combine and measure proportions to taste.

dill pesto

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  1. I could almost certainly eat pesto every day also! Especially since it's so good for you (and a totally tolerable way to eat raw garlic!)