Tuesday, February 19, 2013

whole lemon - lemon bars

It may be the weather's influence, but I can't stop thinking about banana chocolate chip cupcakes with bourbon-cinnamon buttercream, cinnamon rolls covered in a tidal wave of sugar glaze or salted caramel brownies.

Are you the same? Or is this only a condition food bloggers have, needing to make the next great dish, compelled to keep on baking even when logic {and my waist line} suggests I should cease and desist.

Add to this the three Meyer lemons in my fruit bowl calling my name and you have my well thought out reason for making these lemon bars. If not just to taunt me, then at least to ease my mind that the lemons didn't go to waste.

After having doubts about whether or not it would work out, I got bold and used all three whole Meyer lemons in this recipe for lemon bars. I just cut them in fourths, took the seeds out and popped them in the food processor. Couldn't be easier.

These bars didn't last the night. Luckily I had help eating them.


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