Monday, January 14, 2013

sesame noodles with spinach and tofu {food matters project}

This new year I resolve to be nicer.

There. I said it.

It has occurred to me that the reason I have been unsettled, uneasy, a bit antsy, is because I've been getting on other people's (read - my husband's) cases, just a bit too much and too often.

I need to relax. Relax control. Relax expectations. Relax everything.

That and go to my yoga class more regularly {which, by the way, does not relax me, but makes me strong}

This Monday I bring you a very relaxing dish by way of the Food Matters Project. A combination of salty {I used a lot of salt}, peppery, crunchy tofu on a bed of soft and warm soba noodles and spinach. An easy way to make it through lunch, dinner, or anytime you get a little hungry.

This dish was chosen by Sara. Find out what everyone else did with it here.


  1. Lovely. I'm right there with you on the nice-thing. ;)

  2. ok, yoga doesn't relax you either?? a lot of times i'm usually screaming in my head for the instructor to move it along... or i'm silently hating on people who are in the beginner's class when they are clearly not beginners.

    here's to a relaxing year, and being nice!

  3. Cute dish! What kind of yoga do you do? I love bikram- although it's not relaxing, I love sweating things out, and it helps with the frustration/problems/etc. Very therapeutic!

  4. Fifthfloorkitchen - Thanks. I do vinyasa yoga. I love the dance element to it. It is all about the flow and not so much about being static in the poses. I have been away from it for too long. It is therapeutic!