Tuesday, December 11, 2012

lavender and almond biscotti {food matters project}

Vegan baking is not new to me. Ever since I decided to take my high-cholesterol self in hand and change the make-up my own blood cells I've been experimenting with making dairy-free baked goods. But, I was super excited to see that Mark Bittman has added a couple of options to this week's Food Matters Project choice.

The recipe is Walnut Biscotti, something I've made a ba-zillion times, but he offers the option of using lavender. I have been looking for ways to use lavender in cooking and now I have one. Why lavender, you ask? For some reason I am fascinated with using non-traditional ingredients in baking. Unfortunately my schedule doesn't allow for the endless experimentation my brain desires. So here is Lavender Biscotti, plus a few I chocolate dipped.

Chosen by Margarita for the Food Matters Project, check out what everyone else did here. For the lavender version substitute chopped lavender for the cinnamon, almonds for the walnuts, and granulated sugar for the brown sugar. The flavor is simple and fresh, and not at all like soap, which my mom claims all things lavender flavored taste like.



  1. lavender is a lovely flavoring agent, i once had it encrusted on lamb chops (herbs de provence) and it was wonderful. it was a revelation.

    your biscotti looks wonderful. i choose to do vegan baking because i am lactose intolerant and it's really fun and challenging to find ways to keep desserts and breads in my diet without the dairy.

  2. Love the use of lavender Sandra!

  3. Lavender and chocolate go surprisingly well together, too. Glad to see someone took on the lavender one!