Monday, December 10, 2012

simplicity parenting {currently reading}

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne takes a hard look at how we've cluttered our homes and lives with distractions. As a therapist he has encountered many over-stressed children who have had trouble in school or at home, dealing with their emotions. As a result, he has devised a clear and stark path to getting rid of these distractions in order to create a more harmonious life for these families.

He begins with toys and books, prescribing that only the bare essentials be left accessible for children. Then he tackles the over scheduled lives of children, suggesting less classes and more continuity. Media is next. He thinks all televisions and monitors should be relegated to secluded places in the home, or optimally, eliminated completely, and not made the central focus of the central family rooms.

We read this for my education bookclub this past month and everyone seemed to take it to heart. Who doesn't have more toys in their home than they would like? It left us worrying about the huge quantities of toys we already own and how Christmas is only weeks away, bringing more. It spurred me to throw out broken and plastic toys, which was very needed. But looking closer at the book it becomes apparent that Payne is talking about families with serious problems, mostly emotional and disruptive.

So, while his ideas have validity I do not think that need to be adhered to if no other problems are brewing. I particularly did not agree with his idea of creating a consistent schedule for the household, where dinner is always served at the same time and naps are scheduled. I think being rigid in your home life, not allowing for the ebb and flow of life, can create other problems. But then he is speaking about families that cannot manage to eat dinner together on a regular basis, so it is hard to relate it to my own life.

All in all, I think this book allows for a new perspective on how life can get out of hand and the little ways we can make it a simpler, less stressful one.

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  1. Sounds like a good read! But maybe one to be taken with a grain of salt...or at least a bigger picture approach.