Wednesday, December 19, 2012

boozy orange un-pumpkin custard pie

Well, this is embarrassing. Having planned to make a yummy orange-pumpkin custard ginger snap crust pie for Christmas dinner, you know the one, the orange-pumpkin custard that I made for the Food Matters Project way back in November, I erred.

Because I am a really bad planner - I mean really bad - I bought the ginger snaps, tofu and pumpkin weeks ago. Then this weekend, for some inexplicable reason, I decided to make the darn thing {really, don't ask, it would not have lasted until Christmas} only to remember that I'd used the pumpkin for my wontons, last week.

There I am, all ready to add the 3 cups cooked pumpkin, only to find... there is no cooked pumpkin. There is no raw pumpkin. There is no any kind of pumpkin in the entire house.

What would you do? If you read the title of this post you might have an idea... I added booze. A splash of bourbon, to be exact. Mostly inspired by this recipe but also out of desperation. And what an inspiration that was! I ended up with a yummy orange-flavored cream cheese pie with a spicy, crunchy crust. Only to prove, the best discoveries come by accident.

What will I make for Christmas? It's anyone's guess.

{original recipe}


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