Thursday, December 20, 2012

pasta ornaments

My son loves to eat raw, crunchy pasta right out of the box. I know, gross, but what are you going to do? Knowing this, you may ask why I decided to try a craft project involving dried pasta. Good question.

A friend of mine suggested we make pasta ornaments for our Christmas tree. This craft was a little advanced for my son. Perhaps better for four or five year olds. He was more interested in gluing the noodles to the paper, which is fine, but didn't really resemble a star or snowflake. He was super proud of his 'star' any way.

The sparkles are fun and festive. I just happened to have them around the house. You could also use silver or gold paint.

Parchment paper to protect your furniture
One box fun pasta shapes
Sparkles or paint
Baker's twine

Glue pasta together. Once dry peel them off the parchment paper. Place them down again and squeeze glue where you want the sparkles to adhere or just paint directly onto the pasta. Wait for it to dry. Peel off the paper again. String with the twine and hang on your tree.

My son decided to swing them around until they all broke into pieces. Not the desired out come, but he had fun... we can try this again when he's older.

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  1. I definitely remember making pasta ornaments as a kid! How fun!