Monday, July 7, 2014


frozen pineapple, apple, mint, water

I have had a lot of inspiration lately from various people in my life.

My sister-in-law came to visit and I got to witness her daily routine at almost 70 years - which includes yoga every day and eating an organic raw vegan diet. She looks amazing. I was impressed.

As a result, and the crazy hot weather we've been having, I have not been making food all that much lately. But one thing I have been making an awful lot of is smoothies.

cucumber, blueberries, green apple, soy milk, frozen pineapple

Ever since my doctor told me one good way to loose weight was to stop drinking juice, that if you want a fruit eat a fruit, and if you're thirsty drink water, I've eliminated it from my diet. I don't have it in house unless as a sweet treat for special occasions. This goes for my son too. We try to stay away from juice boxes as a convenience, and opt for plain old water.

Cherries, soy milk, banana
Even so, I have witnessed major changes in a number of my friends and family members health. Therefore I've brought the smoothie into my diet. Every morning I am making one for breakfast. Different than juice since the fiber remains from the fruit and veggies you use, but super convenient. Just whirr it in the blender and go.

I've been using frozen fruit and adding bits of fresh fruit, or cucumber and a few leaves of mint, plus almond butter or even cacao powder upon occasion and some sort of liquid, either water or soy milk, but sometimes coconut milk too. There is no rule. It varies every time.

So check out what's in your fridge and whip up a frothy cool breakfast drink. Totally satisfying and healthy. Who can beat that??

frozen blueberries, frozen mango, mint leaves, soy milk

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  1. I think it's a little controversial, but I strongly feel that smoothies are better for you than juice. All that fiber is good for you!