Monday, November 18, 2013

penne with pumpkin, kale, and goat cheese

Just a show of hands, how many of you have time to exercise?

I don't know how the time slipped by, but it has been months since I've been to yoga class. How did this happen? I love yoga class: it is rigorous enough to have me sweating bullets, yet gentle enough to keep my knees intact. And I've missed it dearly. But on the flip side, it is rigorous enough to make me very sore for a few days after which does give me pause when deciding whether or not to go.

But I have been exercising... sort of. I decided I needed to do something during this hiatus.

So, I devised a clever way to work my core and limbs without much fuss or stress. While watching TV, or waiting for the water to boil for coffee, or sitting with my son while he plays, I would do plank pose. Not push-ups, not sit-ups, just plank pose. It is deceptively easy and so beneficial. Try it and see.

Then I made the time and went to a yoga class. I just had to. And it was amazing. I was able to do all the poses without any stress at all. All due to plank pose. I highly recommend it.

This wonderful recipe comes to you from Joanne at Eats Well with Others. I made it when I got home from yoga class.

To shorten the prep process I boiled 1/2 pound penne, added 1/2 bunch kale for the last 2 minutes. Drained both and while still hot, mixed in 2 oz goat cheese, 1 - 2 cups cooked pumpkin and 8 sliced basil leaves. Some salt and pepper to taste and we have a great side dish to accompany the salmon my husband had already made. An easy, quick and healthy dish is always welcome in my kitchen.



  1. Yay for exercise! I love how you kind of snuck it into your daily routine...that's the way to make it a habit! And I'm so glad you liked this pasta!

  2. I love pasta with pumpkin, but I especially love you added kale! Great meal!