Monday, June 10, 2013

bún-ker and shinobi ramen

We never eat out. But in the past week we ate out (and ordered in) twice. A new record!

Both places are new and both serve Asian fare. Bún-Ker, just 30 minutes walk from my house, on Metropolitan, is a Vietnamese gem. If you want to see it in all its unassuming glory get there soon. I heard they are being written up next week by Time Out NY. Everything we ate was so good, especially the tapioca pudding full of fresh fruit, and they were very accommodating to my toddler and stroller and car seat, all in tow.

Shinobi Ramen is just steps from my house, on Morgan. The ramen dishes are really nice and not too expensive. We ate at home, so I cannot speak to the decor (my husband went and got it), nor the service, but if it matches the flavor, it's a hit!


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