Monday, May 6, 2013

ramp focaccia {working with yeast}

I am a shameless eavesdropper. I can't help myself. And NYC is the perfect place for it. People are having personal conversations everywhere.

This morning while walking through the Union Square Farmer's Market on my way to work (yeah, I know, cool, right?), I over heard a woman saying, What have I been making? Well, I have done the ramps to death, of course. Ramp pizza, ramp focaccia...

I immediately turned to the farmer on my right and bought a package of ramps (I am a sucker for suggestive messages). I have been meaning to learn how to make really good bread. Bread you can sink your teeth into and devour fresh out of the oven. So, here is my first go at working with yeast: ramp focaccia. Bonus is it is a vegan dish!


And now for the winner of my book giveaway...

... the winner is... Laura!

Please send me your address and I will send it off to you right away. Thank you to everyone who commented. I will have more book giveaways in future.

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  1. Your ramp focaccia looks wonderful!! And it's hard NOT to eavesdrop in this city...especially at the farmer's market! I love listening to what everyone is making. :)