Thursday, February 14, 2013

positive discipline {currently reading}

Don't you hate it when you plan for an event, diligently preparing all that needs to be done, only to completely forget to go?

My book club read Positive Discipline, by Jane Nelson, this month. I read the entire book. I was ready to discuss. But these days getting out of the house has become a bit difficult. Be it the inclement weather, or just plain inertial, but getting myself out and about has become difficult.

The basic premise of this book is moderation. Do not be too strict and do not be too lenient. I would think that most parents fall somewhere in the middle, so reading this book may not be all that useful. Also, many of the techniques proposed to get children doing things for themselves does not apply to the less-than-four set, leaving me wondering how to deal with our son's current brand of obstinace. The author has written Positive Discipline for Preschoolers, which is probably what I should have bought, and if it were not for the book club I would have.

There are some useful concepts. Having weekly family meetings, where everyone decides unanimously how to handle problems, appeals to me. Scheduling fun time also appeals to me. Teaching my son how to dress himself so that he can feel in charge of a small part of his life, and simultaneously relieving me of this task, which is not an easy one, sounds great. Otherwise I'll check out the preschooler edition for more ideas about how to empower and control my son at his current age of three.

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