Monday, February 4, 2013

butternut squash croquettes with mint chutney

I had the most wonderful taste experience the other day at an Indian restaurant on Curry Row. I was very early for a dinner date and was also very hungry and tried those condiments they always have at the table, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and onion relish. The mint chutney was amazing! I couldn't stop eating it with my crispy papadum bread.

Was this the first time I'd ever tasted this condiment? I couldn't believe that during the many Indian  meals I'd eaten I had never once tasted this. And it turns out I was right. This recipe was special.

Normally mint chutney is made with onion and I think that ruins the dish. I tried making it myself,  with onion, and it was nothing like what I had tasted at that restaurant. If you have a kick-### recipe for this dish please forward it along. I'd love to make it.

The butternut squash croquettes, which I found at Love & Lemons, however, came out perfect: crunchy, salty outside, with a sweet creamy inside.


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  1. I actually don't think I've ever tasted the mint chutney at Indian restaurants either! Hmm hope you find a great recipe (and share it!). The croquettes look awesome.