Monday, January 7, 2013

monkey puzzle

The Museum of Math is amazing. I had no idea until I went and now I {and my son} cannot wait to get back there.

Is this because my mother is a Doctor of Mathematics? Is it because my father was an accountant? My sister an actuary?


It is because they have taken a really complex and dry subject {if you ask most people. People who are not related to me} and made it fun. Really fun.

Their continuous puzzle exhibit kept my son busy for a long time. So long that we didn't get a chance to view all the exhibits before the museum closed {and it is not a large museum}.

That is why I made this puzzle. Any thing that keeps him busy for that long is worth owning.

I have to say I cheated a bit. The museum is offering a magnet set of continuous interlocking monkeys, but it is selling for $35 for 6 monkeys. I decided to copy the image and make my own puzzle out of felt. Felt is great. It adheres to itself so you can make a magnetic puzzle without the fuss of actually using magnets. Genius.


Print of the image above
Various sheets of felt {you can make this with any material - construction paper would work too, but you might want to back it with some cardboard}
Straight pins
Markers, for the eyes and face outline

Cut out the monkey shapes. Pin the shape of one monkey to the fabric or paper you are using. Cut around the shape. Do this again six times using a different color each time. If you are ambitious you can make multiples of six. The more the merrier. Add the eyes and face {or leave them blank}.

This puzzle did not come out exactly as I'd wished. The monkeys do not line up perfectly to create a continuous effect. In any case, my son loves them and places them in patterns around the living room carpet, which is really all that matters.

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  1. I've never heard of the museum of math...definitely have to check it out. Cause I'm nerdy like that.:P