Sunday, December 16, 2012

museum of math

This weekend we braved the drizzling weather and the impossible task of getting my son anywhere in the city to go to the opening of the museum of math.

I have to say it was pretty cool. Very hands-on and interactive. My son had a blast, although I am not sure how much math he learned. Every exhibit is geared toward kids {of all ages}, showing how much fun math can be. The fractal exhibit was super cool {above my son is being fractal-ed}.

We did have one melt down on the way home but we recovered and were on our merry way again before long. I am learning it is all in the timing, somethings must be run through in order to come out the other side.

My son wants to go into a soaking wet park that we are passing on our way to the train. We are all cold, wet and a little hungry. My son is beside himself with anger that we will not do as he says and go with him into the drenched park. We scuffle in the street. I end up carting him over my shoulder for a block, while he kicks and screams, pulling my glasses off and alarming every passer-by {is he okay? yes, he doesn't want to go home}.

Eventually he realizes I am not giving in and asks to walk. And we're all good. Everybody breathes a sigh. We have lunch at a dumpling house and go home without another incident.

It is the stage of life where he wants to do everything himself. He has opinions and wants to call the shots. And he's big enough and strong enough that he almost can. I'm hoping this stage passes before he really is strong enough to enforce his way, no matter how ridiculous.

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