Saturday, December 29, 2012

nutty tarts with pistachios and almonds

Do you remember the first time you went ice skating?

I do.  It was a mess.  I was on my face more than my feet, my clothes soaked wet with melted ice, shivering and praying to stay upright.  I never went back again.

Almost as much a mess as the first time I went skiing, rollerblading, bike riding, and skate boarding.  But those are stories for another day. 

My son has been invited to go ice skating for the first time.  My three-year-old son.  And I have to say I am a little nervous. 

But I am also angry at myself for my scaredy cat behavior.  I should have stuck with it, mustered some perseverance, if only enough to enable me to participate in birthday parties where skating was the entertainment.  I am hoping that I can keep smiling while my son tries his hand at this balancing act.

Wish me luck.

And try these lovely tarts while you're at it. They are the answer to the question, What the heck am I going to do with all that pistachio cream?

I used this recipe for the pistachio cream, which I found on Susan's blog, Rawmazing.

And this recipe for the almond tart crust, which I found on Erin's blog, The Goodness Life.

Both are raw and vegan. Win-win.

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