Thursday, August 1, 2013

spicy gingersnaps {the leftovers club}

My oven has a mind of its own. It is a bit worrisome. I put the knob at 350 degrees and a few minutes later (after I smell burning cookies) I find out it is on 450 degree. Worrisome, yes.

Luckily, I devised a plan to make it more regular. I placed a baking sheet inside and that seems to do the trick. Unluckily, I didn't figure it out until 3/4 of my cookies were brunt. Luckily, there were enough salvaged to ship off for this month's Leftovers Club.

I used Smitten Kitchen's recipe. It didn't come out as snappy as I like, but there were extenuating circumstances. Hopefully Heather over at Sugar Dish Me will like them.

{gingersnaps recipe}

Check out what everyone else made for this month’s event! And if you’re interested in taking part next month, be sure to head on over to The Leftovers Club facebook page to check it out and sign up!


  1. They aren't burnt - they were just "crisply caramelized" :) They sound delicious!

  2. Yum- these look great! Sorry your oven doesn't listen to you :)

  3. The problem with living in a NYC apartment is that the ovens are so unpredictable. And old. I'm so glad some of these were salvaged! Love gingersnaps.

  4. They don't look burnt at all!! If anything, they're just super crispy - exactly how a good gingersnap should be!

  5. They look just fine! But I feel your pain--a few homes back, I had one of those ovens. Baking was a nightmare of guesswork!

  6. These cookies were delicious!!! I loved them! Except I only got one because my boys figured out there were cookies in the mail and they ate them VERY rapidly. I had no idea that you had trouble with them burning-- so I guess you have no worries!!! Goodies in the mail for you today :) Thanks so much for great treats Sandra!!!