Saturday, February 9, 2013


Normally I would not advise eating cake for dinner, but last night's pear bundt cake leftovers really hit the spot. And I was not really to blame. Not really. You see my husband made boiled corned beef, since he couldn't bake a chicken. So what could I do but have cold corned beef and pear cake when I got home from work? What would you do?

Things seem to go awry before they get better. On the coldest days of the year the boiler broke in my building prompting me to keep the oven on (I know, I know, not the best idea but it was cold), causing the CO alarm to alarm, letting me know that there is something wrong with my oven, prompting my landlord to buy us a new one. So in the end things are working out for the better. You just have to wait out the bad parts.

Until Monday, when my new oven arrives, I cannot bake, but I can still make stove top goodies. Here are some timely breakfast treats to enjoy.

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