Monday, September 16, 2013

the pancake

Well, things got a little crazy around here. Maybe you noticed. Maybe not. In any case, they have not calmed down as of yet, but I am here to say when everything in your life is total chaos, when you are dealing with eradicating small critters, who shall remain nameless, from your home and must paint and clean your entire kitchen, throwing everything into disarray at the same time that your young son begins a new school, with a starting time that only my cat (and other nocturnal creatures) is awake for, things fall apart.

So here we have something I can always rely on. The Pancake. Perfect in form. Always at the ready. Comforting beyond belief. The Pancake is my friend. And should be yours too.

And having a fun weekend with friends of the human and kitty variety is right up there too!


  1. was the pancake how you broke your fast? I wasn't brought up with any tradition so I had to ask?

    1. I also was not brought up with any tradition and was not fasting.