Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sweet potato pie cookies

Big changes are happening around here. My son begins a new school with a new schedule. And this new schedule includes being at school at 8am (!). This may sounds fairly reasonable to you. If it does you are not like our family - a family whose internal clocks are shifted toward night time. We all need a ridiculous amount of sleep and do our lion share of it in daylight. I joke that my husband is part vampire. His origins do not lie far from Transylvania, after all.

This is why, after worrying about how in the world am I going to manage our new schedule of getting up at 7am five days a week, when our typical time to wake is 8:30 and sometimes as late as 10, I was remarkably pleased to find that my son has begun to self regulate his sleep schedule. Without any prompting from me. Honestly I have no explanation. All I can do is dance a little jig.

My son brought these cookies to his graduation day at preschool where they were devoured. I was going to save them and offer some for my leftovers club partner... but there weren't any. Leftovers I mean. These are so soft and chewy, full of wonderful spices to excite the palate. The perfect morning snack, whatever time you great the day.


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  1. I tend to get up early but I don't do anything productive until 9AM...so I don't know what I'm going to do when I have kids! Yikes.

    I am so ready for sweet potato pie in all forms! These cookies look fabulous!