Friday, March 22, 2013

vegan scalloped potatoes & squash and chard with harissa sauce

Well we are finally coming to the end of a very, very long source of anxiety for me.

We have sent in our application for our son's Pre-Kindergarten assignment. Phew! Now we wait until June to find out which one he got into.

When I became pregnant with him my first thoughts were, Where will he go to school? I even mentioned this to my OBGYN, who thought I was crazy.

So, after doing my due diligence and researching all that is out there, I am leaving it up to fate. I have applied to only four out of the twelve I am allowed to apply to, none of them in my district, never mind my zone. I just have to hope that one of them will accept him. And if not, I can always put him on their wait lists, and if that doesn't work he can stay at his current school another year (while we love the school, it is quite a bit more pricey than free).

So, I'm done. I can relax, right?

Here are two recipes that have been a hit with my husband and me, but my son won't even taste them. I understand his resistance to the squash, which has a spicy kick, but the potatoes? Potatoes in all forms should be a pre-schooler's favorite. But he'd rather eat a whole bowl of green beans. Go figure.

{scalloped potato recipe}
{squash and chard recipe}


  1. It's crazy how dramatic applying to PRE-K or kindergarten is in the city...when I was young we went to our local schools but so much has changed in the past twenty years. Good luck!

    1. I know. I grew up in NYC and went to private elementary school. It is unaffordable now, more pricey than ivy league tuition! This is why parents move to pay higher rents, so that they can send their children to better performing public schools. It is cheaper that way.