Wednesday, June 5, 2013

lavender - lemon macarons {leftovers club + book giveaway}

 Joanne made an apt analogy when she compared making French macarons to giving birth.

While sifting my almond flour for these cookies, I was reminded of giving birth to my son. Not the unbelievable pain that it entailed, but the fact that I will never forget it. Sifting almond flour, as painful as it is, and no where near the pain experienced while giving birth to a baby, was something I had completely forgotten. And there I was, standing in the kitchen again, racking a wooden spoon through powder that just didn't want to go through those tiny sieve holes. I totally forgot how much work these little babies require.

This time I made my macarons for The Leftovers Club. I met Ruthy from Omeletta on Monday and we exchanged our goodies. She gave me some yummy chocolate pretzel puffed rice treats. So handy to be swapping with a fellow New Yorker.

I had some mishaps this time, but the result is just as yummy. I tried to flavor and color the cookies with edible lavender flowers, but once ground up the flowers looked more green than their namesake color, and once cooked there is no discernible added flavor. I had some trouble piping them into nice circles too. I filled them with lemon curd. I hope Ruthy liked them.


Here is what others made...

And for those who like to cook, I have another book giveaway!

This is Ina Garten's most recent book. I am sure you will find many great recipes inside. Just leave a comment with word BOOK and we'll have my trusty assistant pick a name. Giveaway is only available for people living in the contiguous U.S. Winner will be announced Monday, June 17.


  1. Aww I think your macarons are adorable! I kind of want to cuddle with them.

  2. Macarons can be little devils can't they! They sound like a great flavor pairing though!

  3. I am so jealous of those of you who can m eet mid town for a swap! And these look seriously yummy!

  4. BOOK! BOOK! I admire your many attempts at macarons. I fell in love with them after my husband brought them to me from Switzerland about 12 years ago. Wow! But I have yet to make them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. The macaroons still look tasty. I'd eat them while reading a book. :)